URGENT - Site Shutdown Notice

We will be shutting down UCanDrive. As of May 1st you will not longer be able to login to our online learning platform via ucandrive.dwcan.ca

Please complete your course before May 1st to ensure you get your credit for completion.

Can’t finish before May 1st?

Please reach out to our support team via the form below for options/details.

Last Updated: March 30, 2022 @ 5:19PM (Eastern/Toronto Time)

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COMPLETE - Maintenance Notification


There will be some maintenance performed on our servers on March 29, 2022 at approximately 11pm (Eastern/Toronto Time). There will be an estimated downtime of 15-45 minutes.

This will affect ucandrive.dwcan.ca

Last Updated: March 30, 2022 @ 5:16PM (Eastern/Toronto Time)

RESOLVED Service Notification - Trouble Accessing UCanDrive

The Issue

Some customers using Bell, Virgin, or Bell subsidiaries as their ISP (Internet Service Provider), or phone carrier, may not be able to go to ucandrive.dwcan.ca

This issue is affecting multiple websites and should be fixed within 1-3 days. Please check back periodically if you are experiencing this issue.

Last Updated: March 29, 2022 @ 3:07PM (Eastern/Toronto Time)

Need Some Help?

You can contact us via email (address listed below, or use the form on this page), or by phone. All support options are unavailable on Holidays within Ontario, Canada. All times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time – Toronto Time).

Email Support Details

  • Email response 24-48hours
  • Target Time: 24 hours

Phone Support Details

  • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
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We have transitioned to email support only, please send us an email if you require support.



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